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  • What is included in the pattern?
    The pattern is a downloadable PDF document in US standard crochet terms with written step by step instructions on how to crochet your garment. It also comes with explanation videos on how to crochet the main stitches used in the pattern.
  • How do I access my pattern?
    As soon as the payment is received online (e.g. credit card, PayPal, etc.), a confirmation email will be sent to you with a download link. The link also appears on the Thank You page. The download link sent to customers is active for 30 days. After that, it no longer works.
  • Can I sell the products made from the patterns?
    You may sell FINISHED pieces made from my patterns, it is truly an honour for me to have my designs remade and sold around the world. All pattern files are protected by Australian copyright laws and are the property of Antiah. It is illegal to redistribute, sell or share the pattern in part or in whole, electronically or physically.
  • Are the Crochet Hooks handmade?
    YES THEY ARE! By a lovely supplier in Argentina, she makes one by one by hand, including the design, which is why they might have slight difference between each other but they work just as well if not better than comercially made ones.
  • How do I look after my handmade Crochet Hooks?
    Sturdy Construction. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not spray with alcohol or water. Keep away from children and pets.
  • Is your Packaging Recyclable?
    Here at Antiah, my goal is have only eco friendly items. When it comes to our packaging the boxes and mailers are 100% recyclable. The boxes go straight into the recycle bin and you can recycle our mailers at your local soft plastics recycling centre. Alternatively you can place them in the REDcycle collection bin located at the front of your local Coles or Woolworths.
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