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  • Evelyn Ruiz


There is always something special about crocheting your own accessories, or garments. From choosing the right yarn, colour and design, then slowly seeing it grow to finally showing it to the world.

This holiday season, I went on a little creative adventure to whip up a Christmas stocking that's not just about the holiday magic but also shows off my unique style and personality.

This crochet design It's like a labor of love, sparked by the pure joy and wonder of the holiday season. I wanted to put a piece of my own creative spirit into this timeless Christmas tradition. So, join me on this enchanting journey, as we make this Christmas stocking – a mix of classic tradition and my personal twist, just perfect for adding that extra dash of 'you' to your holiday celebrations.

Here is the link to download the pattern, feel free to share with all your friends. Have a beautiful Christmas!


Christmas Stocking Pattern
Download PDF • 37.08MB

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